Tips and tricks for hosting a plant-based dinner party

Tips and tricks for hosting a plant-based dinner party

Here’s a pro tip for your next gathering: rather than worrying about options for your vegan guests, just create a plant-based menu for everyone. Flip Grater from plant-based Christchurch deli Grater Goods runs What's Hot New Zealand through her hosting menu.

If you do your plant-based menu right, no one will miss animal products, and it saves labelling or explaining which elements are plant based and which are not. Plus plant-based eaters won’t need to feel like weird outsiders for trying to save the planet.


Have canapés and a drink ready to go when guests arrive. Make them simple, and make them in advance so you’re not fussing at the last minute. When people arrive, set the scene with something like vegan ‘salmon’ and cream cheese canapés and a glass of bubbles. What to serve: Our Carrot Lox and Herb & Garlic Tofu Cream Cheese make amazing smoked salmon-style canapés – just put them on crackers with slices of cucumber or blinis and you’re done. Or wrap a slice of Plant Pastrami around a cornichon for super flavourful, crunchy and light bites, paired with a crisp white wine, an apéritif or a dry kombucha on ice for non-drinkers.


Have a platter and some side plates on the table ready to go when your guests seat themselves. You can totally skip entrées if you do this, and it creates a more relaxed convivial vibe of snacking, drinking and chatting. What to serve: All Grater Goods products are designed to go perfectly on a platter. We have charcuterie, cheeses, pâtés, and spreads. Our Dill and Black Pepper Boursin Cashew Cheeses look awesome on a board, as do Sopressa slices and Plant Pastrami. The Faux Gras mushroom and brandy pâté comes in a gorgeous glass jar that you can put directly on a platter.


Once everyone is settled in, bring some mains out. I’m a big fan of large, country-style dishes that can be shared and made in advance so you’re not missing the party by cooking and plating complex MasterChef dishes. What to serve: Grater Goods Kielbasa is a brilliant addition to a French-style cassoulet. Simply slice the garlic sausage and fry with plenty of oil, onions and garlic. Add chopped potatoes, carrots, some herbs and veggie stock, then simmer until all is soft and delicious. Serve with extra olive oil and crusty bread. You can also make bits and pieces for tacos in advance, then just put all the elements on the table with some hot tortillas and let people make their own. Our textured vegetable protein Chorizo Mince is awesome simply heated up with some black or red beans added.


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