Pluto ascending - Q&A: Milan Borich
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Pluto ascending - Q&A: Milan Borich

Legendary Kiwi band Pluto have had a mixed run of luck over the last few years. Reunited and back on a roll in 2019, the band suffered a cruel twist when the pandemic scuppered their tour plans. Now, Pluto have a new single out, “Maybe Twice”, and are back on the road. We talk to frontman Milan Borich.

How does it feel to be back on the road for a nationwide tour and with a new single?

Feels great to get the single out. We actually have quite a few new songs we’ve been working on. Just stoked to be able to hang out with my brothers in the band – we’re all pretty busy with our own stuff so definitely appreciate the time we have together to play live.

It must have been a cruel stroke for the band to get back together just before we went into a lockdown?

It wasn’t ideal! We had a lot of shows lined up but hey, just grateful we all got through it. That’s the way it was meant to go. Made us more energised to get out there with new stuff and play shows! 

Is all the “old band” back together for this tour?

Yes, for sure, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Old for sure as well, haha. We’ve still got lots of gas left in the tank though, so don’t worry.

What can audiences expect from your gigs?

They are going to be a master stroke of energy and fun. We’re technically in the “masters” division now and one of us may probably suffer from a stroke while on stage. But we’ll bring the electricity and it’ll be entertaining for sure, haha.

It’s been a while since Nietzsche featured in popular music – what drew you to him?

I read a lot of Nietzsche and other philosophy. He’s been misrepresented and misunderstood for quite some time, maybe that’s why popular music avoids him. For me, his well is deep.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also a big part of your life – tell us about that?

I found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu just over a decade ago, and like philosophy and my family, it kind of centred me. I’ve definitely lived a life and lucky to still be here. My daughter DeeDee (now 14) and I started a Jiu Jitsu club called Lucid Jiu Jitsu a year ago in Titirangi and it’s organically grown into something very special that we’re super proud of. We have a lot of musos and their kids coming – a good playlist during classes is essential. DeeDee has been training in BJJ for seven years now and holds a kid’s green belt. I’m a brown belt. We often compete. I’m a brown belt national champ and DeeDee has won gold in her last two comps. My youngest daughter, Máni, (1 year old) already has her Lucid Gi (uniform) and is on the mats with her dad and sister.

You have a new single, is there a new album in the wings?

Yes, we’ll be releasing a few more singles then an album mid 2024!


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