The Kiwi acre (or 15,000): Central Christchurch's massive back yard

Image: Ōtākaro Limited

The Kiwi acre (or 15,000): Central Christchurch's massive back yard

What's Hot New Zealand takes a look over the fence at the best back yard in town.

As far as back yards go, this one’s pretty sweet. It’s got a big lawn, wicked water feature, curated gardens, and trees as far as you can see.

We’re a city full of people who love to get out and do things, and we demand an outside area that fills our needs. Luckily, Ōtautahi central delivers in droves. The central city’s shared space is so much more than a private garden could ever be.

Hagley Park is the foremost part of our classic Kiwi plot – an enormous open space that plays home to all sorts of publicly and privately organised activities, sports, festivals, concerts and good old fashioned picnics. And it really puts things in perspective when “watching a bit of BYC” really means watching the Black Caps take on a touring team at Hagley Oval.

Te Māra Huaota o Waipapa Christchurch Botanic Gardens are a world-class display, and the best part is you don’t have to do any of the weeding and pruning yourself.

If you like a home with a good pond or a stream, check this out: it’s called the Ōtākaro Avon River and it runs right through the middle of this yard. Instead of goldfish there are friendly native eels, and you can even punt, paddleboard or kayak your way up and down the river.

Taking a quick look around, it’s very obvious that Christchurch is a city of dog lovers. Our furry little friends are everywhere from The Groynes to Taylors Mistake, and the central city is no exception. They’re welcome at just about every café and bar with an outdoor area, and there’s no shortage of fantastic walks. Take your poodle for a play in Hagley Park, throw a ball with your bichon in Cranmer Square, prance your Pomeranian around Raoura Park, get reacquainted with your favourite golden retriever at Latimer Square, and tire out your terrier with a jog along Te Ara Ōtākaro Avon River Trail.

If you ask us, that’s a top-notch back yard right there.

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