Sustainable New Zealand

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In New Zealand, the environment has always been at the forefront of a thrilling visitor experience. After all, many choose New Zealand precisely ...


Remarkable landscapes

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In the archipelago of New Zealand, soaring mountains, otherworldly volcanic landscapes or aquamarine alpine lakes fed by blue-white glaciers can ...


New Zealand wildlife

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Ancient reptiles, unique bird species, abundant marine life and a commitment to conservation make New Zealand an amazing destination for ...


National parks

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More than one-third of New Zealand’s landscape is protected in reserves, regional and national parks. New Zealand's 14 national parks feature ...


Great outdoors

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Take a deep breath of clean New Zealand air and get ready to experience the ultimate outdoor adventures in an unforgettable landscape that’s out ...


Natural New Zealand

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Discover New Zealand, a world where nature flouts all sense of restraint, a place of extraordinary diversity inhabited by unique wildlife, an ...

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