Albatross Encounter


Kaikoura is famous for whales and dolphins, but did you know it is also known as the albatross capital of the world?

Up to ten different species of albatross are commonly sighted, as well as numerous other species of pelagic (ocean-going) birds including petrels, shearwaters, terns, penguins, shags and gulls. A boat tour with Albatross Encounter will introduce you to the diversity of species in a most delightful and unique way.

Because the birds come so close to the boat, no binoculars are required and the photography is superb. It is an impressive sight to see the enormous wandering albatross soaring overhead and then gliding in, large feet outstretched, to land right beside the boat. The sheer size of these birds is an inspiring sight and the behaviour and interaction that develops between the birds as they gather by the boat is nothing short of entertaining. The noise of chattering albatross and screeching cape petrels is an extraordinary bird show at its best!

Albatross Encounter’s guides will share their knowledge about the species with you, making your encounter an opportunity to both to learn about and appreciate a very beautiful element of the Kaikoura marine environment.


96 Esplanade,


03 319 6777



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