Dolphin Encounter


If you do need a reason to visit Kaikoura, joining a tour to see the acrobatic and energised Dusky dolphins could be the just the persuasion required.

Swimming with dolphins or joining the tour to watch the dolphins and their displays of grace and beauty, is an encounter with nature that is likely to leave you with a lasting smile on your face. All year round Kaikoura is blessed with pods of dusky dolphins, and these sociable creatures will delight you with their antics and behaviours.

All swimming equipment is provided, including a full wetsuit, mask, fins and snorkel, and extra equipment is given in the colder months to help keep you warm. Tours operate three times daily in the summer months and twice daily in the off season. The tours are approximately 3.5 hours in duration and require suitable weather and sea conditions to operate. It is essential to book ahead, particularly for the swimming option, as capacity is limited to just 16 swimming seats per boat.

Swimmers and watchers travel on the same boats, so this is a perfect activity for family groups to participate in together even if not everyone wishes to swim!


Encounter Kaikoura, Esplanade,


03 319 6777



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