Orana Wildlife Park

Get up close and personal with exotic and native animals at New Zealand’s only open-range zoo.

With over 1000 animals representing more than 90 different species living at the park, visitors will find variety aplenty at Orana. Just 15 minutes’ drive from Christchurch Airport, the 80-hectare zoo is within easy striking distance of the city and provides a full day of fun.

Orana Wildlife Park is an outdoor adventure with wide open animal habitats visitors can observe from safety, and some places where they can get close and even interact with the animals.

The park specialises in providing amazing wildlife experiences. Watch animal feedings at set times every day, accompanied by fun and educational presentations from the park’s expert wildlife guides. See New Zealand’s only gorillas, hand feed majestic giraffe, meet mighty rhino up close, have a guide drive you through the Lion Reserve (additional costs and conditions apply) for close encounters with the King of the Beasts, observe iconic kiwi and meet a varied cast of native birds including mischievous kea.

Park visitors can enjoy the antics of animals from all over the world, with wildlife from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia as well as Aotearoa natives. Orana’s habitats are home to cheetah, painted dogs, Tasmanian devils, addax, monkeys, meerkats, lace monitors and much more. The extensive native fauna section includes geckos as well as the famous prehistoric tuatara. Visitors will also find a fantastic collection of friendly domestic animals in the Farmyard, where they can meet and even feed them by hand at the animals’ lunch time.

Orana’s Annual Pass is the best value way to experience all the park has on offer and enables people to enjoy visiting the amazing animals for a full 12 months from date of purchase. The wildlife-themed gift shop sports a range of fantastic soft toys, clothes, souvenirs and ideas for any occasion. Anyone can visit the shop without needing to enter the zoo. A brand new visitor café space has recently been completed and offers magnificent views across the park while enjoying food or hot coffee.

Orana is internationally renowned for its involvement in zoo-based breeding programmes for endangered exotic and native species, and proceeds from park visitors directly support this conservation work. In the race against time to save species from becoming extinct, Orana Wildlife Park is an important link in the worldwide network of zoos and parks dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered species. The park contributes to breed for release recovery programmes for threatened native wildlife. To date over 90 pateke (brown teal), 90 whio (blue duck), 30 kiwi and 30 orange-fronted kakariki from Orana have been released to the wild.



Orana Wildlife Park, Mcleans Island Road,


+64 3 359 7109




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