Self-confidence and remote dentistry – this leading oral care company is pushing the envelope to help people improve their smiles.

A healthy smile is the key to self-confidence for many Kiwis, and thanks to recent research from SmileDirectClub we know that straight teeth and oral health are important factors in how people feel about their overall health and wellbeing.

The research shows that the biggest barrier to getting dental care is price. Many New Zealanders were willing to put off dental care because of price. This is clearly less than ideal, and one solution to the problem may lie in the world of online services.

Yes, digital services for your teeth. SmileDirectClub created the first direct-to-consumer medtech platform for teeth straightening and the first end-to-end solution for your smile, and offers accessible and affordable clear aligners to straighten your teeth.

SmileDirectClub is dedicated to providing affordable services (like the $3335 flat fee for dental aligners instead of the usual $8k or more for braces), and part of that dedication means getting away from the traditional scheme of charging people to sit in a chair, and making use of modern technology. SmileDirectClub also offers a convenient payment plan, SmilePay.

Here’s how it goes: Customers start their smile journey at SmileDirectClub.co.nz, booking a free appointment at their local SmileShop to receive a 3D image of their teeth. Using SmileDirectClub’s teledentistry platform, a team of dentists and orthodontists review the 3D images, customer photos, profile, medical and dental history to remotely diagnose, and if appropriate, prescribe and manage each customer’s treatment from start to finish, without the hassle of scheduling frequent in-person visits to a dentist’s office.

The great thing about SmileDirectClub is it ships an all-in-one box containing every set of custom clear aligners for the prescribed treatment plan with a registered New Zealand dentist or orthodontist, who will arrange regular virtual check-ins and monitor your progress remotely.

And as a bonus, the clear aligners are a lot more discreet than braces and alternative treatments.

So what exactly did SmileDirectClub’s research say? The Lonergan Research survey of more than 1000 New Zealanders about their dental health habits, self confidence and attitudes to online health services showed obvious trends towards digital and remote healthcare. Many younger Kiwis indicated they were happy to communicate remotely and do health activities online as opposed to in-person consultations.

Of New Zealand’s three largest cities, Christchurch had the highest percentage (44%) of people who have put off getting a dental checkup because of price, followed by Auckland (36%) and Wellington (32%).

Good oral health is important for overall health, with direct benefits to gum health and reducing inflammation as well as the mental and emotional benefits. SmileDirectClub’s aim is to help people prioritise looking after their teeth, as much as working out or eating well, and the team are continuing to develop ways to make a great smile accessible for everyone.

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